“A photographer so nice, he’ll steal your friends.”
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Jeff Ellingson

Hi, I'm Jeff E!    I used to have a bio that sounded like I didn't actually write it, but who are we fooling?? I'm originally from Fargo, ND and I've been in L.A. for 19 years now.  Wow, time flies out here.  I originally came out here with my band at the time. I was a rock drummer with really long hair.  Hard to believe!


I started photography back in 2006, when I bought a camera on a whim. 

I shot everything and everybody in site.  Some friends of mine needed headshots, so I gave it a try.  Well, their agents and managers loved them and started sending me their clients.  Before I knew it, I had a business on my hands. 

As an actor myself, I learned from uncomfortable headshot sessions over the years that there had to be a better way to do it.  I know how to relate to people and can get the most nervous person comfortable.  There are literally hundreds of photographers in Los Angeles, my specialty is getting someone's true personality to come out in front of the camera.  I never really enjoyed stiff, posed photos. To me a beautiful image is one that tells a story, that's what is going to grab someone's attention.  I like to play and talk through the whole shoot, whether I'm shooting a serious business person, or a silly improv actor.  It all works.  Life happens to all of us, there should be life in the pictures.

Since I started doing headshots, I have been doing weddings, engagement photos, events, pets and corporate photos.  Most recently, I was fortunate enough to shoot for the Getty Museum.  The summer of 2012 I got to travel around the world and shoot corporate and lifestyle photos for American Express.  I had to pinch myself waking up every day.  I really can't believe all the great people I get to meet through this amazing creative outlet.  

I look forward to meeting many, many more extremely amazing people.  Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.