“Not your grandma’s photographer.” (Unless … John, is that you?)



Q. What's the difference between you and the million other photographers out there?
Anybody can buy a nice camera. What I bring to the table is knowledge, experience and talent that will warrant great, consistent results. I've shot thousands of clients and I still bring passion and energy to every shoot. Whether it's headshots, wedding photos or anything else, we will talk, play and enjoy the moment. A photo really sings when you are engaged, not thinking about the camera or what you look like.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, check, PayPal and all major credit cards. (PayPal and credit cards charge a nominal fee)

Q. Do you do consultations?
Yes. Please call or email and we can set up a time to discuss your shoot. There is no cost or commitment for a consultation.

Q. Why do you only post your headshot rates online?
I provide so many different types of photography and every situation is different. Please email today for a quote with no commitment and no hassling emails.

Q. Are you really like the guy in your videos?
I'm mostly the opposite of that guy! I made them as a tongue in cheek kind of way to show what I am not like. I am definitely fun to shoot with, but always professional and corteous, unlike the guy in the videos!

Q. What is your policy on showing up late or rescheduling?
If you show up late, it cuts into your time.  We can only go over the maximum time if you decide to go to the next higher look package. Do yourself a favor and leave early!  Google my location so you know exactly where you're going and how long it will take to get here. 
If you need to reschedule, please give at least 48 hours notice.  Once will be forgiven, twice will be charged an extra $50.

Q. What is your policy on re-shoots?
Photography is such a creative process that I can only promise a reshoot if there are technical difficulties (camera/computer malfunction). Reshoots for any other resason will be charged full price. I, unfortunately, can't be responsible if you are having an off day, don't like your wardrobe, don't like your makeup or you arrive late or are unprepared.



Q. What should I expect the day of my headshot session?
Expect to have fun and be creative. We'll start by talking about what roles you're going out on and what you hope to go out on. We'll then go through your wardrobe and decide how to best achieve the looks we're going for. Then we start the shoot and take our time until we're both happy with what we've captured.

Q. What should I bring?
Go through your closet the night before and pick out a bunch of options for each look. Bring at least 5-6 outfits and I will help you decide what works best based on your type and the type of roles you want to go out for. Jeans are fine for most looks as we won't shoot below the waste unless you need full body shots. Colors are best, avoiding logos and solid black and whites.

Q. How long does the shoot take?
Each shoot takes around two - three hours.

Q. What is a "look"?
A look is a change of clothes. Most photographers find that charging per look is a good way to charge instead of per click of the camera. That way we're concentrating on getting good shots instead of counting pictures or looking at our watches. Each look warrants approximately 100 usable pictures.

Q. What if I'm really nervous?
Most people are nervous! My specialty is making you feel comfortable and confident. I promise you'll be relaxed in no time and will leave saying "that was actually fun!".

Q. When do I get my pictures?
I give you a disc of pictures within 24 hours! Usually within a couple hours of the shoot. If you want online proofsheets, they'll be available within 48 hours and cost $20 extra.

Q. Do you do retouching?
Yes. Retouching is $25 for women and $20 for men. Most retouchers charge at least $40. Check out the Retouches in the Gallery section under Headshots.

Q. Is there a special rate for kids headshots?
Yes. Kids change so often and they usually don't need as many looks as an adult. Please call or email for rates. 

Q. Will you talk to my agent or manager about the type of shots i need?
Yes! I'll even talk to your mom if you want! My goal is to get you exactly what you need.

Q. Do I need a makeup artist?
People will think I'm crazy for saying this, but... only if you think you need it! I feel as though you should look like yourself in your pictures, so if you're good at doing your own, go for it. My makeup artist is very good at doing natural makup and will definitely do a great job. A makeup artist for women is $150 and for men $85.

Q. Do you have a makeup artist?
Yes. I have a couple different ones that I use. They specialize in makeup that is very natural to bring out your best features. You want to look like yourself in your pictures.