“Four customers can’t be wrong.”

"Jeff E has a photographer's eye with an actor's sensibilities. My session with him was delightful, quick, easy, and efficient. He brought ideas to the table, and knew how to best facilitate them. He's also well groomed, and complimentary, which helps make you feel at ease."

- Michael urie (Ugly Betty)
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"This is hands down the best headshot session i have EVER had! Not only did I get all my images on a disk that smae day, I also walked away with exactly what I had hoped for! Jeff really understands what it takes to capture the essence of you. He understands how to create dialogue between you and the camera so your eyes are full of life, personality and that special ingredient that make casting director's say 'I would like to meet this person'. Thanks Jeff!"

- Katherine Shaw)
   Actor / Co-Owner of The Actor's Key
"Jeff - Thank you so, so very much for all of your help and advice. You've made this whole experience so great and memorable. The pictures are amazing! I will (of course) recommend you to anyone looking for an AWESOME headshot!"

- Melissa Childs
"I had a great time shooting with Jeff. The experience was relaxed and casual and most of all it was fun. He didn't rush, we just took our time, chatted a bit and took some great shots. I think that the headshots that Jeff took are some of the best I've ever had. My agents love them as well. Overall it was a great experience. If you are thinking about getting new headshots, I would have to recommend Jeff."

- Baldeep Singh
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"Working with Jeff was fun and easy! He makes sure his clients are satisfied and I am! I would definitely recommend him for headshots!

- Tina (realtor)
"Jeff does a great job of keeping things light and easy-going, never putting any pressure on about time limits. He wants to know what you're looking for so he can do his best to give you what you want. The capper was the Guitar Hero Challenge after teh shoot!"

-Blake Hogue
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"I recommend Jeff to anyone looking for professional head shots. He has a talent for making his subjects feel comfortable and relaxed due to his flexibility, warmth, humor, and professionalism. In addition to establishing rapport, he has a wonderful "eye" for bringing out the best in his customers. I am very pleased with the quality of the images he produced for me. Four stars for Jeff!"

- Giordana Diaz
"Thank you Jeff. You Really are an actor's photographer. What a treat. The shoot was comfortable and crazy, all at once. It felt like everything I imagined a photo shoot could/should be - creative, fun and interesting. The atmosphere you create left me with a great feeling in my heart and soul and an excitement about the next time. Now that's creazy!!! I love it."

- Traci Foster
"Jeff is the best photographer i have worked with. He's funny, imaginative, sensitive, goofy, a great director, and partner. I usually hate to shoot but this was a wonderful time. I highly, highly, highly recommend him!!!"

- Laura Gardner
"Jeff is a wonderful photographer. My photos are beautiful and full of personality. I was super nervous going in, but he had me laughing five minutes in. I've never had so much fun shooting! I HIGHLY recommend him!"

- Amy McRoberts
"You know when a photographer tells you to just laugh out of nowhere and it feels awkward and fake? Jeff is NOT one of those photographers. I've never been MORE myself on a photo shoot than with Jeff. If you're laughing - it's because he's hilarious and he makes you feel so comfortable that you don't even think about it - you just EXIST in front of the camera and THAT'S how you get a good natural head shot. He gently directed me through some "CSI" scenarios during the shoot that allowed me to emote in way I'd never done in my head shots before. He's totally dialed into what casting directors are looking for & truly takes pride in your results. Call Jeff - you WON'T regret it! "

- Kelly Marchand
"Jeff E photo was great. For a guy that has a few commercials under his belt you would think I would like having my picture taken but I don't. I needed new ones for my theatrical agent. Jeff was great and we had fun shooting them. Agent loved the picture and said that's a great theatrical headshot that showcases your character look."

- Robert Scott
"My headshot session with Jeff was the 5th time I'd had my headshots taken. It was also the best time I'd had my headshots taken. It was the first time I really understood what "acting for the camera" meant. I was always told that a good headshot should capture the essence of an actor, and I'd always liked that idea, but never quite got it until Jeff took my pictures. He was able to relay what we were doing in the session to something I might do on set. I remember us finding a specific line for me to say in my head for a group of "dramatic" shots, and it was the first time I was really able to give in to that kind of look. Jeff is easy going and easy to talk too and really wants to have a fun session. He takes the time to make the shot happen and what I ended up with were some of the best shots I have ever had."

- Allison Rood
"Jeff is the best! He keeps the mood light and casual while maintaining an unparalleled level of proffesionalism. Flexible and reliable, it's real simple, you want the best? You go to jeff!"

- Randy Blekitas
"Jeff is fantastic! So easy going and so much fun. I've paid gazillions of dollars for other headshot photographers, and Jeff's are better AND won't break you. My commercial agent was very happy with the shots. He also shot a family portrait for me. My folks hate getting photographed, but to their surprise they felt very comfortable and ended up having a really good time. Most amazing is that the photos don't at all look like cheezy Robinson's May photos. I'm very glad that we have them to look back on some day. Plus- he's sexy. And that always helps :)"

- Breeze Braunschweig
"Thanks to Jeff Ive been called in for auditions or directly cast just off of my head shots alone. Everytime I go I go in for more copies I get compliments. The energy that he brings to the shoot was crazy and it helped me to loosen up and find my place to create the best looks possible."

- Lamar Fulmer
"I totally loved my headshots! Jeff is so laid back and usually I hate taking headshots, but this time around it was so different. I enjoyed the shoot. I had a lot of fun, and the headshots came out beyond my expectations! Thank you so much kiddo!"

- Brian Treitler